Vericon is on hiatus for 2017, but we are still holding the charity auction. 

VericonAuctionLogoThe 2017 Vericon Charity Auction, benefiting refugees, is taking place online at BiddingOwl from February 2nd to 11th, and live at Harvard on February 12th. Please see our page at BiddingOwl for details of how you can participate!

Vericon is a small science fiction convention with a strong literary and gaming focus that takes place in Harvard, in Cambridge MA. It is run and organized by current undergrads, with the help of friends and alums from HRSFA the Harvard Radcliffe Science Fiction Association. Everyone is welcome at Vericon, subject to our code of conduct, you do not need to be a past or present student to attend.

Vericon has an exciting program of events, with some special signature events.

CittadiniDelMondoLogoThe Vericon Charity Auction is traditionally a lively and silly event, full of nerdy humor and playful competition which takes place at the end of the convention. Donated prizes generally include exotic food, autographed books, fun whimsical things, handmade and custom items and other surprising and unique stuff. In 2015 and 2016, and again now in 2017, our chosen charity is Cittadini del Mondo, a small Rome-based charity working with refugees. With the money we raised in past years, we have helped them to run a clinic and shelter, provide prenatal care, help refugees negotiate bureaucracy, provide welcome packs for newly arrived refugees, teach Italian classes, and prepare people for employment.  This year we are raising funds to help them expand their intercultural library, which tries to stock books in all the languages of their refugees, so people cut off from their native cultures can have the pleasure and dignity of reading and remaining connected to their native voices and traditions. The Cittatini del Mondo team are a small charity and Vericon is a small convention, but two small organizations can come together to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people who really need it.

Learn more and participate through BiddingOwl.

Icon credit to Lionel Allorge